Your Green Escape – South Lake Tahoe’s 968 Park Hotel

968 Park Hotel – South Lake Tahoe

Located on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe – California is the newly renovated 968 Park Hotel. In 2009, the 968 reopened for business as a completely “green” establishment. Its transformation started from the very beginning and built up from its foundation using every eco-friendly method and material possible. By recycling, reusing, and donating building materials, the hotel became a green environment itself that maintains eco-friendly operations and amenities throughout to provide guests and staff with hospitable, environmentally safe facilities.

Building “Green”

The new life of 968 Park Hotel began as an eco-conscious initiative to rebuild in an environmentally friendly manner that would reduce waste to the absolute minimum and recreate the establishment as fully eco-friendly. Along with those acquired from other demolished structures, every piece of wood from the old structure was re-milled to be used again on the new building. All unneeded building materials and furnishings were donated to local shelters and families. Appliances such as air conditioning units and pipes were recycled locally.

With a rustic yet comforting interior, the 968 is enhanced with sustainable berber carpeting and zero VOC paints. Walls are garnished with recycled wallpaper and organic clay that reduces indoor air pollution. The building’s insulation is completely eco-friendly as it is made from recycled denim jeans.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

At every glance around a guest room is something environmentally friendly or organic. Lights are controlled by motion detectors, and opening dual pane windows in combination with fans and blinds allow for sufficient cooling without air conditioning. Mattresses are hypo-allergenic and EPA-approved and linens are natural without dye or bleach. All pieces of furniture are made from recycled wood or other materials. Toilets are dual-flush and organic soaps and other shower amenities are provided in biodegradable packaging. Water conservation is further encouraged with the installation of low-flow faucets and showers and changing of towels and linens by request only. The hotel keeps room amenities such as hair dryers and refrigerators available upon request to boost its energy efficiency.

Sustainable Landscaping

All landscaping and planting endeavors were completed in concordance with environmental initiatives to preserve natural habitats and prevent land degradation. The 968 persevered to be in compliance with Tahoe’s Best Management Practices by designing the property to extensively control erosion. Only native vegetation was planted, and there was no grass seed laid to eliminate the need for outdoor sprinkler systems. Shower décor and dead trees were used as pool furnishings, and outdoor lighting is limited to reduce light pollution and unnecessary electricity usage.

Environmental Preservation Efforts

Recycling is one of the main methods of environmental sustainability that the 968 continually practices. Anything that could possibly be made of recycled materials was produced. Not only are the trim and baseboards throughout the hotel made of recycled wood, but the front desk is as well. Mirrors from old furniture pieces were re-framed and granite pieces were used for bathroom floors. Business cards and other promotional items, as you would expect, are made from recycled paper.

In addition to the recycling efforts that were utilized during reconstruction of 968 Park Hotel, other sustainability initiatives were pursued as well. Local carpenters, electricians, and plumbers were hired for the projects to support the local businesses and economy. The new lobby furniture was made from the recycled pool fence, and zero emission fireplaces were built to provide supplemental heating. All detergents and cleaning agents are organic so they pose no harm to the environment. The hotel dishwasher and refrigerators are energy efficient and outdoor lighting operates on automated photocell switches. All projects are repaired and maintained regularly to optimize energy performance.

The Greenest Spot in Tahoe

The 968 Park Hotel didn’t forget about the finishing touches in its exhaustive transformation. Its aesthetic indoor presentation is adorned with used goods and antiques and serviced by local staff. Trash cans and liners are made of recycled glass and plastic bottles. The 968 keeps reusable dishes and cutlery to eliminate waste. Any materials that are no longer usable by the hotel are donated for use in other projects, and solid waste is removed by a local refuse center where 37% of it is recycled.

In its efforts to become an eco-friendly hotel, the 968 was designed to be LEED compliant and among the best in eco-conscious resorts. It has been awarded the prestigious 4 Green Eco-Leaf Rating by and also “Two Palms” certification, which is the highest recognition awarded by the State of California Green Lodging Program. It has also been certified as “approved” by the EcoRooms and EcoSuites certification program, which measures the property’s impact on the environment, community, and local economy.

Why Stay at the 968?

The convenient location of the 968 is unmatched with its easy access to the Heavenly Gondola, Lake Tahoe, nearby bus stops and many casinos. All within walking distance, there is very little need to drive anywhere in the local area. With 60 guest rooms, a spa and a swimming pool, the 968 Park Hotel is the smartest place to be for ecologically-minded individuals visiting the Tahoe area.

The newest hotel in South Lake Tahoe offers Sterling Sleep Systems so its guests enjoy the most restful sleep. All rooms offer plasma televisions, mp3/iPod compatible radios, free cable and HBO, as well as free wireless Internet and local and domestic long distance calls. Adding to the beauty of the accommodations are handcrafted armoires, dressers, and desks to complete the necessities with style.

Check in at 968 Park Hotel and support eco-friendly initiatives and the environmental efforts of the local community. Enjoy the heated swimming pool and its cozy cabanas, in-room spa service, and incomparable relaxation. Go out to the lake just two blocks away, and then have a carefree evening in the best Nevada casinos. Experience what eco-friendly is all about on a vacation to South Lake Tahoe.


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