The Coolest Toilet Ever! and It’s Eco-Friendly


How would you like to have your toilet being the focal piece of furniture in your floor to ceiling glass windowed, luxury cliff-hanger home?

(check out the video above) . . .


No more cold butts . . . no more cold feet . . . left your ipod in the living room – not to worry . . . the Numi, Kohler’s new remote controlled, dare we even call it a toilet, has all your bases covered . . . and it’s eco-friendly to boot!

The new design uses 20% less water than your typical 1.6 gallon toilet and the WaterSense technology insures excellent flushing performance. While water conservation was certainly one of the design goals, Kohler has gone over the top with luxury features including the price of over $6,000 USD. Here’s the short list of what you’ll get for the hefty price tag:

  • heated seat
  • bidet
  • built-in deodorizer
  • integrated air dryer
  • extra ambiance with illuminated panels
  • motion-activated lid and seat
  • FM radio / MP3 player
  • remote audio docking station
  • floor-level foot-warming system
  • touch-screen to utilize toilet’s features

At a $6,000+ price point I don’t think I’ll be replacing the toilets in my home any time soon. Nor do I expect to see the Numi in most hotels, but the new Kohler commode might show up in a few eco-conscious luxury hotels.


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    • admin April 11, 2012 9:39 pm #

      That’s a substantial discount, from $6,390 to $4,999 . . . but still pricey.

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