Great Opportunities Ahead For iStayGreen

In a few short years iStayGreen has become the primary travel site used by eco-conscious travelers to locate and make eco-friendly travel plans. Our team has researched over 4,000 ‘Green’ hotels and resorts worldwide. Visitors of the iStayGreen website can quickly search to find environmentally friendly hotels close to their intended destination and further compare ‘Green’ properties based on their Green EcoLeaf Rating. The Green Eco-Leaf Rating is earned by hotels that complete our thorough environmental audit.

iStayGreen has tremendous growth opportunities within the environmental online hospitality industry. To take advantage of these opportunities iStayGreen has recruited BIZ-NET Brokers, Inc. to locate a capital partner, joint venture investment or represent their website for sale. Environmental initiatives are really taking root in the hospitality business and iStayGreen is strategically positioned to take advantage of the growth opportunities while enhancing the eco-value to their users. Interested parties should contact the Internet Business for Sale division of BIZ-NET to learn more about this and other investments.


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