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100 Chopin Plaza - Miami - Florida
Property Audit Overview

There are 122 properties currently listed in Miami. At this time there are 17 "Green" lodging properties listed of which 6 properties have completed the iStayGreen Audit. Intercontinental Miami has been awarded a 3 Green Eco-Leaf Rating.

To qualify for the Green Eco-Leaf Rating Intercontinental Miami completed an audit of their property's compliance with over 70 unique eco-initiatives. Environmentally friendly measures that are reviewed include energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, enviromentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. In it's efforts to create a more sustainable travel future and reduce their impact on our environment, Intercontinental Miami employs 35 eco-initiatives.

For detailed information regarding environmental measures currently employed by Intercontinental Miami please contact the property directly or email

Eco Memberships and Certifications
Contact:Florida Green Lodging Program
3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, M.S. 30
Tallahassee,, FL United States 32399
phone: 850-245-2100
Property Owner's Statement of Environmental Initiatives
Property's Green Team Leader:
- 3053724429
100 Chopin Plaza
Miami, US 33131

Water Conservation 1 Water Treatment For Cooling Towers and Boilers.100% Green water treatment. Installed.Eliminate 100% of toxic and hazardous chemicals. Reduction in the water consumption. 2 Water Faucet Savers This device helps to conserve water without guests noticing. Installed. Reduces the water consumption down to 1.7 GPM. This device is installed in service areas also.

3 Aquarecycle Saves water up to 80% in the laundry.Installed. 2.1Million gallons of water saved on 2007 .

4 Flush toilet tanks Quiet and relible tanks that perform a 1.6 GPF Installed. 641 guest rooms equipped. Install Eco-toilets in public and service areas.

5 Shower head saver. Limits the amount of flow in the showerhead to 2.5 GPM.Installed.641 guest rooms equipped. Men & Women locker rooms.

6 Project Planet Program Guests has the option to reuse their linen or towels more than once. Implemented.Poundage decreased from 22lbs to 17lbs per occp. room.

7 Max. Efficiency of water. Max. efficiency in boilers, Cooling towers, Ice Machines, Hot Water Heater, Dishwasher and Washing Machines in the laundry. Implemented Created strategic maneuvers to maximize the efficiency of every equipment.

8 Xerascaping on the property grounds. Xerascaping is the practice of using Florida Native plants. Currently 1 section in the 5th floor has been converted.Ongoing. Helps to conserve water. Our plan is to convert all of our green areas to native plants. Including 5th floor.

9 Organic food waste disposal process The BIO-EZ.Self contained, continual feed, organic waste disposal system designed to biologically convert solid food waste into liquid. On project.

10 Energy Efficiency Energy Management System-Controls a/c consumption in meeting rooms, public areas, offices and the new SPA $70,000 savings in 2007.a)Card Key Switch for guest rooms. This card energizes the entire room.

11 Apogee 600 upgrade. Apogee upgrade for fire alarm system and a/c consumption. Done. This new system is more efficient and capable to handle new technologies. 12 High energy efficient lighting. Retrofit project from T12 to T8. CFL's for meeting spaces and public areas. Done. The laundry, storage rooms, crown, canopy, mezzanine, GBR foyer, guest & meeting rooms are being retrofitted. Retrofit on public and back of house areas. Also the parking lot is a potential area.

13 Exterior illumination Controlled by Timers. Done. Cuts energy costs significantly.

14 Small Meeting Rooms 1 Standard A/C in the Godfrey, Board, crandon, coat and deering rooms are controlled by timers. Done. Reduces energy costs significantly. None

15 Preventative maintenance plan. 1 Standard This cost effective program for guest rooms, public areas and restrooms is monitored and recorded by a system called HotSos. Implemented.Hotel's guest view is represented by this important program. Regular guestrooms are serviced once a year and suites twice. Public areas are supervised as a daily basis Implement Pm's for public restrooms and meeting rooms.

16 Energy Star Rated Products Government program helping business to protect the environment.Done. Currently we have Monitors, TV's, Copiers and Dishwashers. Purchase energy star rated equip. for the entire building.

17 Sensor/motion light switch. Offices and outdoor lighting. On going. Motion sensors turn off the light when the space or office is vacant. We must convert all office switches

18 Chiller # 3 Replacement A new and more efficient chiller has been installed(0.64 KW/Ton) Done. Savings are approx. $80,000/year. 19 Tinted Windows. The property has tinted windows in the entire building. Done. Reduces heat and helps with conserving energy.Panorama-Blocks 99% of damaging uv light and levels of solar heat

20 Variable Speed Controls Motor speed control for Chiller #1and Chiller #3. Water pumps and AHU's.

21 Solar Panels/Photovoltaic Power System.Solar Panels or wind turbines to be installed in the roof of the hotel.On project. 22 Waste Reduction Recycling Programs.The hotel provides the opportunity to recycle the following materials:office paper, news paper, cardboard,oils, batteries and water. Mre than 24 tons of paper/year, 95 tons/year of cardboard & 2.1 Million/year of water recycled. Produce 400 bales/year. Recycle every CFL of the hotel. Purchasing Products. 2 Standard Purchasing in Bulk/Concentrate. On going. Source reduction activities. None

23 Baler-Cardboard compressor. High quality equipment for the recycling and waste management industry. Reduces drastically waste costs and creates a source of income. Done. The hotel currently recycles aprox. 16 tons of cardboard/month. Our goal is to recycle 200 tons of cardboard/yr

24 New Hire-The Recycling Coordinator 1 Standard This person is responsible to maintain and develop recycling procedures.Protects the environment by keeping the loading dock in perfect conditions. Done. The operation of the baler produces aprox. 16 bales/month.

25 Trash Compactor The hotel owns a trash and cardboard compactor. 26 Green Key Cards Biodegradable, earth friendly key cards. Can be reused, exellent print quality and easy customized for the hotel. Project Approved. This cards will biodegrade in a landfill or compost after 18 months. Also, we are saving $20K/year by using these green key cards. These key cards can be used for the entire hotel (641 rooms)

Certifications. Florida Green Lodging. Standard Is an effort initiated by the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection to encourage the lodging industry to conserve and protect Florida's natural resources. Done. The hotel has been certified with 2 palms from the Florida Green Lodging. . Plant Operator Energy Inspection. The following is an energy conservation checklist. Please turn off the lights in the following areas before 9PM every night* First Floor Second Floor Third & Fourth Floor 1) Bayfront 1)Laundry Dept. 1)Exec. Corridor 2)Sevilla 2)Corridor BOH 2)Eng. Offices. 3)Godfrey 3) Kitchen 3)Machine Room 4)Crandon 4)Mezzanien 5)Board Room 5) Registration 6)Deering 6) Foyer 7)Isles 7) GBR 8)Junior Ball Room 8) Raph/Mich/Alh/Esc 9)Trade Room 9)Tri/Camb/Oxf 10)Bal/Win/Sand 11) Chopin 12)Theatre * The time for inspections may change if there is late events. Energy Savings. Name of rooom. Area sq.ft Time Flagler 930 1:00 Trade 1824 0.30 Dupont 792 1:00 Tuttle 792 1:00 Gusman 792 1:00 Marti 384 1:00 Deering 360 1:00 Boardroom 336 1:00 Crandon 480 1:00 Gosfrey 480 1:00 Bayfront A* 4400 3:00 Bayfront B* 2700 3:00 Sevilla 3717 2:00 Star Isle 480 2:00 Palm Isle 384 2:00 Hibiscus Isle 684 2:00 Escorial 552 1:00 Alhanbre 552 1:00 Raphael 552 1:00 Michelanggelo 552 1:00 Oxford 468 1:00 Cambridge 468 1:00 Trinity 468 1:00 Versalles* 7810 2:00 Trianon* 5609 2:00 Sandringham 875 1:00 Windsor 875 1:00 Balmoral 840 1:00 Chopin* 4950 1:00 Theter 1843 0.30 * Schedule time may vary depending on size of the group and season.

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