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45 Songhees Road - Victoria - Canada
Property Audit Overview

There are 46 properties currently listed in Victoria. At this time there are 23 "Green" lodging properties listed of which 12 properties have completed the iStayGreen Audit. Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort And Spa has been awarded a 3 Green Eco-Leaf Rating.

To qualify for the Green Eco-Leaf Rating Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort And Spa completed an audit of their property's compliance with over 70 unique eco-initiatives. Environmentally friendly measures that are reviewed include energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, enviromentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. In it's efforts to create a more sustainable travel future and reduce their impact on our environment, Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort And Spa employs 39 eco-initiatives.

For detailed information regarding environmental measures currently employed by Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort And Spa please contact the property directly or email

Eco Memberships and Certifications
Contact:Green Key Eco-Rating Program
130 rue Albert Street, Suite 1206
Ottawa, ON Canada K1P 5G4
phone: (613) 237-7149
Property Owner's Statement of Environmental Initiatives
Property's Green Team Leader:
- 250-360-5894
45 Songhees Road
Victoria, CA V9A 6T3

Our Environmental Commitment The Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel and Spa has made a decision to be more conscious about our mark on the environment. We believe that if everyone participates in making small changes to their daily practices, we can minimize the negative impacts and maximize the benefits, to our ecosystem and continue to enjoy our Victoria paradise.

We are proud to have been awarded Four Green Keys from the Hotel Association of Canada's environmental performance program. This award is defined as a property that has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies and practices. The Hotel has mature programs in place that involve management, employees, guests, and the public which have shown substantial and measurable results. We are always researching new methods or technologies to help us continue to reduce our eco-footprint. View the list of items of what we’ve implemented to lower our footprint and learn about ways you can help during your next visit.

What are we doing to help?

REDUSE We are 100% smoke – free and don’t require air filters. We use low flow showerheads and have tap aerators in all guestrooms to conserve water. We only replace guest room shampoos and lotions during stayover service if requested or empty. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are purchased in bulk to reduce packaging. We combine orders and thus reduce fuel usage by lessening the transportation needed in multiple deliveries. Our common areas feature energy-efficient light bulbs to conserve energy. We’ve changed all our printers to print double sided thus not using as much paper to save trees We now post our Guest News letter on all elevator landings instead of in each guest room to reduce paper consumption. We have installed motion sensor lighting in all linen closets and electrical rooms to save energy. Our landscaping irrigation is controlled automatically to avoid over-watering. Many of our exterior lights are photo cell meaning they only come on when the sun goes down instead of a specific time. All of our public areas have been switched to low watt halogen lights to reduce energy consumption. REUSE We use re-useable newspaper bags. We have a linen reuse program to conserve energy and water consumption. Unfinished toilet paper rolls are used throughout the staff service areas of the hotel. RECYCLE All napkins and toilet paper are made from recycled material and our napkins and hand soap is biodegradable. We have a compost program for organic materials. We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminum to reduce the amount of landfill waste. Recycling bins are found in all of our guestrooms, offices, meeting rooms and in public areas of the hotel. We recycle photocopier and printer cartridges and use recycled cartridges. What can you do to help? Recycle paper, glass, aluminum and plastic in your room. Re-use your towels. Turn off your lights and TV when leaving the room. Turn off the heating when leaving the room. How can meeting and event organizers help? Rather than printing the conference material, present it in a power point and email it to participants. Organize carpooling transportation for conference participants. Send an email explaining to the participants what actions are being taken to make the event green. Collectively, we can make a difference.

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