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Cnr Of Exhibition & Lonsdale St. - Melbourne - Australia
Property Audit Overview

There are 275 properties currently listed in Melbourne. At this time there are 4 "Green" lodging properties listed of which 2 properties have completed the iStayGreen Audit. Marriott Melbourne has been awarded a 3 Green Eco-Leaf Rating.

To qualify for the Green Eco-Leaf Rating Marriott Melbourne completed an audit of their property's compliance with over 70 unique eco-initiatives. Environmentally friendly measures that are reviewed include energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, enviromentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. In it's efforts to create a more sustainable travel future and reduce their impact on our environment, Marriott Melbourne employs 40 eco-initiatives.

For detailed information regarding environmental measures currently employed by Marriott Melbourne please contact the property directly or email

Property Owner's Statement of Environmental Initiatives
Property's Green Team Leader:
- +61396601186
Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets
Melbourne, AU 3000

The Melbourne Marriott Hotel continually strives towards preserving our environment and conserving resources. Energy reduction and water-saving strategies have been implemented which has enabled it to become one of Australia’s ‘green’ five-star hotels.

The list of changes that have been implemented to achieve this status is extensive and includes:

? changing all room lighting to low energy consumption bulbs ? reducing overnight hallway lighting by 50% ? installing flow restrictors on all shower taps ? 5 star energy saving awareness posters placed in guest rooms ? Placing a strong emphasis on recycling ? Installing check meters on all major water outlets Because of the implementation of the above initiative and ongoing suggestions from the Environmental & Sustainability Committee and the owners, the hotel has witnessed significant savings

The Melbourne Marriott Hotel is also part of the City of Melbourne ‘Savings in the City’ program, which encourages Melbourne businesses to adopt sustainable business practices. As part of the program, the hotel was audited by Earthcheck to assess its performance. The audit determined that the hotel had performed significantly higher than average in areas of low consumption of water, energy, electricity and natural gas. The Melbourne Marriott Hotel is also part of the City of Melbourne ‘Savings in the City’ program, which encourages Melbourne businesses to adopt sustainable business practices. As part of the program, the hotel was audited by Earthcheck to assess its performance. The audit determined that the hotel had performed significantly higher than average in areas of low consumption of water, energy, electricity and natural gas.

During meetings, the Environmental & Sustainability Committee representatives discuss different ideas which are analysed on a monthly basis. They also update associates during their daily briefings. Melbourne Marriott Hotel joined hands with Earth Hour 2009 by switching off lights in the lobby, driveway and the hotel neon signs. The hotel continued this initiative for the whole month of April, demonstrating its commitment to the environment and to save carbon emissions. Chief Engineer, Desmond Morilly calculated carbon savings on a daily basis and the total saving during the month was 5575 kgs. This saving was demonstrated by displaying black balloons in lobby and each day new balloons were added depending on the amount of carbon emission saved.

April is celebrated as “Environmental Awareness Month” every year. During this month, Executive Chef, Kevin Thorpe and his kitchen brigade planted trees. Michael Middleton, Revenue Manager organised participation in the Clean Up Australia campaign. Marriott associates (employees) joined in the clean up with friends and family and cleaned the areas surrounding the city’s picturesque Yarra River.

Another initiative carried out was the installation of dual flush in public toilets. This system will help in reducing water consumption by almost 50%. The engineering team in the hotel has installed check meters on all water outlets in the laundry, kitchens, swimming pool and cooling towers to accurately monitor where most of the water is being used. Check meters were also installed on all electrical switchboards to accurately monitor major electrical consumption. This report helps in communicating to all departments their usage every month. Water saving awareness posters and stickers have been displayed at every tap and toilet in back of house. The hotel introduced 4 minute sand clocks which have been installed in all guest room showers. This initiative was encouraged by the City of Melbourne by providing the timers.

Melbourne Marriott Hotel continually strives to find new ways to conserve resources. The Green Hanger is a 100% fully recycled cardboard coat hanger made from post and pre-consumer waste. It is high in quality and totally interchangeable with existing wire hangers and can accommodate any garment. The process of production of the Green Hanger does not involve the use of glues, ink or non-renewable resources and is produced with total environmental awareness. Manufactured to international standards, these hangers can be disposed of easily through paper recycling bins.

The hotel introduced an innovative product – the Envirocane hand towel. Made from 85% Victorian sugar cane pulp (a by-product of sugar production also known as bagasse). The process of this product takes place in a state of the art processing plant. Recognised for its excellent quality and accreditation with international standards, the sugar cane pulp is an environmentally friendly, clean and abundant sustainable and renewable resource.

With genuine interest in raising environmental awareness amongst guests and associates, the hotel continually strives at implementing new ‘green’ initiatives. The hotel introduced the OxoBiodegradable plastic bags for its guests’ laundry bags. In partnership with Gary Tanner, Managing Director at Elite Dry Cleaners, the hotel now uses products incorporating TDPA (totally degradable plastic additives) that are designed with a controlled lifetime. The laundry bags feature the environmentally friendly logo promoting the use of the OxoBiodegradable plastic bag.

Waste Avoidance

The hotel has implemented strategies for recycling and waste/landfill. On an average, the hotel recycles 84 cubic metres of waste/landfill and 600 x 240 litre bins of recycling annually. Our environmental waste management company provides monthly recording of quantities removed for the month. For example, during the month of June 2009, the company collected, 17 x 1 cubic metre bins of waste/landfill and 50 x 240 litre bins of recycling materials. The hotel has implemented the following initiatives: ? All guest rooms contain two bins: one for recycling, the other for general rubbish. The Room Attendants’ trolleys contain separate bags and the rubbish is disposed off accordingly. ? Guests have the option of re-using linen and towels. ? Recycling organic waste using yellow bins in the kitchen, and later used for composting. ? Oil used for deep frying is collected by a company which recycles it to produce fodder for cattle.

Water Avoidance

The hotel has implemented different water saving initiatives mentioned below: ? Installing restrictors in every shower head. This resulted in reducing the water consumed from 20litres/min to 12 litres/min. ? Installing dual-flush toilets in all guest rooms and public area toilets. ? Focus on leak prevention and rectification, with a same day response to leaking taps and toilet cisterns. ? Installed check meters on major water outlets - pool, cooling towers, kitchens and laundry. ? Posters displayed with water saving tips in all back of house areas.

Energy Avoidance and Greenhouse Reduction

A significant project was undertaken to save energy consumption by the hotel’s air conditioning system with the installation of variable speed drives on the air handling units, car park, cooling tower motors and condenser and chilled water pumps on the chilled water system. To optimize the chiller operation, Enman’s Hotel Energy Management System (HEMS) was installed. The HEMS will monitor, automate, optimise and report in order to improve the performance of equipment - chillers, air and exhaust fans and water pumps. The benefits of systems like HEMS were identified through an energy audit conducted by Enman as part of the City of Melbourne’s Savings in the City - Green Hotels program. Six months after installing this system, the hotel recorded a saving of an average of 17% per month. All guest rooms are equipped with energy saving globes. Globes in all down lights have been reduced from 50watts to 20 watts.

The Energy Management System was trialled and modified to suit the hotel industry. In comparison to other Melbourne hotels, these achievements are outstanding, dramatically reducing electricity consumption and have a positive impact on water and gas reduction as well as green house gas emissions. The Environmental & Sustainability Committee has been actively involved in passing on best practices to other hotels and organisations in Melbourne through industry networking and site visits.

Due to water restrictions in Melbourne, the local government requires proof of water saving initiatives. This is done via a Water Map provided by the water supplier. The hotel provides

records and shares best practices. This initiative has resulted in reduction in water consumption by approximately 13%. Based on the initiatives, the Melbourne City Council through the Savings in the City program, awards hotels “Green’ star ratings and the Melbourne Marriott Hotel is amongst them.

Melbourne Marriott Hotel positions itself as “Your Home in Melbourne” and takes every opportunity towards sustainability of the environment. The hotel prides itself on educating and advising the industry through networking and press releases.

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