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693 South Orchard Avenue - Ukiah - California
Property Audit Overview

There are 12 properties currently listed in Ukiah. At this time there are 1 "Green" lodging properties listed of which this is the only lodging property that has completed the iStayGreen Audit. Super 8 Ukiah has been awarded a 3 Green Eco-Leaf Rating.

To qualify for the Green Eco-Leaf Rating Super 8 Ukiah completed an audit of their property's compliance with over 70 unique eco-initiatives. Environmentally friendly measures that are reviewed include energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, enviromentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. In it's efforts to create a more sustainable travel future and reduce their impact on our environment, Super 8 Ukiah employs 32 eco-initiatives.

For detailed information regarding environmental measures currently employed by Super 8 Ukiah please contact the property directly or email

Property Owner's Statement of Environmental Initiatives
Property's Green Team Leader:
- 707-468-8181
693 South Orchard Avenue
Ukiah, US 95482

Energy Conservation Hotel uses energy efficient indoor lighting solutions, such as compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and LED exit signs. Addressable areas include common space, corridors, guestrooms, or back office.

High efficiency and/or EnergySTAR™ compliant appliances, such as in-room PTAC units

Double-paned, Low E Windows - When we renovated the Hotel exterior 3 years ago we used exterior insulating and finishing system" (EIFS - a type of synthetic stucco)

Programmable on/off timers and/or occupancy sensors for lighting and HVAC

Water Conservation

Hotel offers all guests a towel and/or linen re-use program (both are encouraged) via approved in-room collateral and/or signage.

Water-efficient landscaping around building exterior

Recycling and Waste Reduction In accordance with State or Local Recycling Laws, a hotel has a program with designated recycling receptacles for staff and guest use. Addressable areas include common space, corridors, vending areas, guestrooms, and back-office.

We reuse old newspapers to clean mirrors and windows!

We reuse the excessive printed paper from our system. We use the back side of the paper for internal documents.

Purchase and store supplies in bulk to reduce package waste. This also helps by reducing the vendors carbon foot print by watching their emissions.

Proper recycling efforts for bulk deliveries containers, including corrugated cardboard

Storage of old and/or burned out fluorescent lamps, CFLs, and CRTs in a central accumulation area to send to proper consolidation or recycling facilities

Use of proper recycling and/or removal techniques for business machines, computers, printers, ink, and toner

Employee Engagement & Operational Excellence Form an environmental committee, or “Green Team” to create an environmental management framework. The Green Team will be responsible for designing and implementing environmental programs at the hotel

Employee carpooling, ride-sharing, or use of public transportation

Sponsored employee participation in community relations programs and events such as Adopt-A-Highway

Provide local maps in guestrooms, highlighting public transportation and areas of interest within walking distance

Maintain and track energy/water usage statistics for ROI analysis and future PR initiatives

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