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636 Bourke Street - Melbourne - Australia
Property Audit Overview

There are 275 properties currently listed in Melbourne. At this time there are 4 "Green" lodging properties listed of which 2 properties have completed the iStayGreen Audit. Alto Hotel On Bourke has been awarded a 4 Green Eco-Leaf Rating.

To qualify for the Green Eco-Leaf Rating Alto Hotel On Bourke completed an audit of their property's compliance with over 70 unique eco-initiatives. Environmentally friendly measures that are reviewed include energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, enviromentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. In it's efforts to create a more sustainable travel future and reduce their impact on our environment, Alto Hotel On Bourke employs 46 eco-initiatives.

For detailed information regarding environmental measures currently employed by Alto Hotel On Bourke please contact the property directly or email

Property Owner's Statement of Environmental Initiatives
Property's Green Team Leader:
- 61 3 8608 5500
636 Bourke Street
Melbourne, AU 3000

Overview At Alto Hotel on Bourke, we have made a commitment to a resource smart, environmental sustainable policy. With the help of our guests, suppliers, our committed management and staff plus a significant capital investment, we can make meaningful energy, resources and waste savings, therefore minimising our environmental impact. To stay true to our commitment we submit all our energy, water and waste accounts for benchmarking by “Green Globe” an independent assessor.

Our program is highly regarded and is recognised by multiple awards and accreditations as follows.

Awards – Accreditation – Memberships • Environmentally Friendly rating (AAA Tourism) • Green Globe Certified - Silver • Grow me the money (Victorian state-wide sustainability program) – Platinum member • Waste Wise Hotel - Sustainability Victoria • Finalist 2009 & 2008 - Premier’s Sustainability Award • Finalist 2008 Victorian Tourism Awards – Sustainable Tourism • Winner 2008 & Commendation 2007 – Sustainable Tourism, HMAA Awards for Excellence • Winner 2006 – Community Responsibility, Environment, Business 3000

Resource smart & environmentally sustainable initiatives implemented include;

Best Practice • Based on data submitted to Green Globe and their assessment Alto Hotel exceeds best practice targets by at least 60% as demonstrated in the following table that is based on 2008/9 data. All figures are an average per guest night. Alto Hotel Best practice Exceed best practice Worldwide average for all hotels Energy – Mega Jules 36.3 160 78% 240 Water - Litres 123.1 350 64% 500 Waste - litres 3.9 9 60% 14

Carbon • Carbon offset (unaudited scope 1 & 2). We offset 40 tonnes of carbon for our estimated footprint from gas consumption & other activities. All electricity used is 100% Green Earth from carbon neutral sources.

Electricity • We purchase only Green Earth Electricity, which is generated from carbon neutral sources (i.e. wind) ensuring minimal green house gas emissions, saving approximately 300 tonnes of emissions per year. • Rooms have energy saving key-card switch that turns off lighting and A/C on leaving the rooms. • 95% of all lighting use energy efficient globes of no more than 15 watts per globe. • 3.8 watt LED globe replaced 35 watt globe for bedside lamp providing energy saving in excess of 89%.

Air-conditioners • Air-conditioning plant uses inverter technology which is rated as 6 star energy consumption. • In room air-conditioning units use "movement sensors" if there is no movement, it switches itself off.

Water • All showers have water flow restrictors to no more than 8 litres per minute, [and we still manage to get compliments for our showers!]. • All vanity and kitchen basin faucets have a maximum flow of 6 litres per minute. • Washing machines are front loading delivering higher water efficiency than top loading models. • All toilets have”AAA Water" rating using as little as 3 litres per half flush. • Rain-harvesting tanks used for public toilet cisterns, gardening and general cleaning purposes.

Gas • Hot Water is heated "on demand", the energy savings of this is substantial, despite having 57 bathrooms and a commercial kitchen, yet we hold only 630 Litres of hot water in reserve as compared with a normal suburban household of 200 litres.

Design - construction • Our windows open, which helps with air-conditioning as it is not asked to work 24 hours per day, as is the case for sealed rooms. • All windows are double-glazed, windows that face North and West also have a 10mm thick Pilkington “green glass” pane. This lowers heat penetration in summer, and restricts heat loss in winter. An added bonus is noise abatement. • Double insulated 16mm thick plasterboard & staggered stud placement walls. This design assists in temperature and noise attenuation between rooms. By staggering the wall studs the plasterboard on each side of the wall are independent therefore minimising drum / vibration effect prevalent in standard stud wall construction. • Hebel block used in new construction areas. Hebel blocks have 3 times the insulation quality of brick veneer construction and uses one quarter of the raw material for an equivalent concrete construction. • Room doors are sealed to minimise temperature and noise attenuation.

Toiletries • We have eliminated all plastic bottles for toiletries and installed practical and stylish refillable pump-action toiletry dispensers. • All toiletries used are biodegradable with some being organic.

Waste • Recyclable rubbish is separated in the same manner as in residential homes; by glass, paper, plastics, metal and general waste. • In-room recycling, whereby the guest is given the opportunity to help by sorting their material into recycling and non-recycling via twin compartment bins. • Use of a biodegradable garbage bag. • On site compost bin for all organic (vegetable) waste from the restaurant kitchen.

Transport • Free car parking for guests arriving in a hybrid or electric vehicles • Fee recharging of electric vehicles with 100% Green Earth electricity (renewable resources) • Airport transfers in a hybrid limousine available – fee applies • Encourage guests to walk to most major attractions which are within 2-10 minute walk of hotel – Carbon Neutral • Encourage use of public transport including airport shuttle bus, trams & trains all within 50-100 meters

Management initiatives such as; • Promotional pens are made from bio degradable corn starch. • Using only recycled paper, including printed items, toilet paper and tissues. • Library with book exchange enhancing the opportunity for books, & magazines to be reused. Newspapers are complimentary; however are deliver only to rooms that request a paper. • Options for guest not to have their towelling and linen changed daily. • Recycle print cartridge and by-products. • Recycle used light globes to remove harmful by products from landfill. • Use organic, biodegradable and non hazardous chemicals and material wherever possible. • Continually research and test products and concepts for continued improvement in our environment program.

Suppliers • Where practical source products and collaborate with businesses that practise environmental sustainability. • Where possible source products, especially food and beverages within the closest proximity to our location therefore minimising transport requirements and associated environment impact.

Green Team • All initiatives are team efforts, implemented by the ALTO GREEN TEAM and supported by all staff.

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