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466 Bush Street - San Francisco - California
Property Audit Overview

There are 204 properties currently listed in San Francisco. At this time there are 41 "Green" lodging properties listed of which 17 properties have completed the iStayGreen Audit. Orchard Garden Hotel has been awarded a 5 Green Eco-Leaf Rating.

To qualify for the Green Eco-Leaf Rating Orchard Garden Hotel completed an audit of their property's compliance with over 70 unique eco-initiatives. Environmentally friendly measures that are reviewed include energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, enviromentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. In it's efforts to create a more sustainable travel future and reduce their impact on our environment, Orchard Garden Hotel employs 48 eco-initiatives.

For detailed information regarding environmental measures currently employed by Orchard Garden Hotel please contact the property directly or email

Eco Memberships and Certifications
Contact:Green Hotel Association
P. O. Box 420212
Houston, TX United States 77242-0212
phone: 713/789-8889
Green Seal - Member
Contact:Green Seal
1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW - Suite 827
Washington, DC United States 20036-5525
phone: 202-872-6400
Contact:LEED - U.S. Green Building Council
1800 Massachusetts Avenue NW - Suite 300
Washington, DC United States 20036
phone: 800-795-1747
Property Owner's Statement of Environmental Initiatives
Property's Green Team Leader:
- 415-365-0306
466 Bush Street
San Francisco, US 94108

Top 10 Environmental Aspects of the Orchard Garden Hotel

1. LEED-NC Certification As California’s first LEED certified hotel by the US Green Building Council, the Orchard Garden Hotel has a strict recycling and composting program in all aspects of the hotel from housekeeping to the kitchen. In fact, each guestroom is outfitted with its own recycling bins in order to empower guests to recycle as if they were at home. The hotel’s signature Roots Restaurant composts all waste materials and is meticulous about grease recycling, etc.

In addition, the Orchard Garden Hotel offers the following amenities, programs, and materials to preserve the environment and offer a healthier environment for its staff and guests:

• Alternative transportation: Commuter checks (pre-tax); Zip Car (first hotel to sign up), bike racks • Lights are CFL, halogen or LED throughout the hotel • Individual climate control in each guestroom • Energy star rated appliances in Housekeeping dept. • Frying oil removal (conversion to bio-fuel) on a weekly basis in Roots Restaurant • All collateral, stationery and tissue papers is made recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink • Guestrooms fitted with low flow shower heads and toilets • Natural bath amenities in recycled plastic containers are donated to homeless shelters • Towel re-use program; bed linen re-use program • Natural daylight in all rooms, lobby, restaurant • Low or no-VOC paints, adhesives, sealants used inside and out of the hotel • Minimizing the depletion of scarce resources with the use of Forest Steward Council-certified wood for furniture, recycled materials in sheers, drapes, curtains, bed spreads, carpet backing, wall paneling, etc. • All guestroom textiles are washable to avoid the chemicals that come with dry cleaning • Partnering with other green businesses (alternative transportation, "green" laundry, local farmers, wineries, etc.) • Energy efficient roofing (not absorbing heat....keeping building cool) • Light pollution reduction

Roots Restaurant focuses on serving the freshest locally sourced organic products whenever possible as well as sustainable meat and seafood. The wine list is completely focused on sustainable, biodynamic and organic wines; many of the bar’s spirits are also organic in nature. Roots décor supports the hotel’s ‘green’ efforts by offering carpet pads with 100% recycled content and low emission material, maple wood furniture certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and energy efficient lighting.

The City of San Francisco has acknowledged the Orchard Garden’s efforts by granting its official Green Seal and named the hotel a certified San Francisco Green Business.

2. Key Card Management System Guestroom electricity for lighting and air-conditioning is controlled by the room key card. Remove the card from the holder when you leave, and the power shuts off, which EPA studies have shown reduces energy usage by about 20 percent.

3. Green Housekeeping The housekeeping department proudly uses citrus-based cleaning agents that are not only better for the environment but also housekeeping staff and guests. The cleansers work just as well as toxic chemicals without the fumes and dangerous chemicals that come with harsh detergents.

4. Natural Runoff Mitigation To minimize the potential pollution flowing into drains, rice straw waddles were used to absorb the concrete and wash-down runoff. The waddles, available at most major construction supply stores, are long and narrow, and fit tight against the curb and around drain inlets. We also used a filter fabric for runoff, which prevented dirt and concrete particles from entering the drain system as the water flowed through it.

5. Low-Emission Generators Before temporary power was established, the generators employed were run using low-sulphur fuel (which was not yet mandated at that time) rather than standard diesel, which reduced emissions of sulphur dioxide by 88%.

6. Solar-Powered Street Traffic Signs The lighted signs used to direct street traffic were solar-powered, rather than diesel-powered, reducing both emissions and noise pollution.

7. Indoor Air Quality As the ductwork was installed, it was protected by taping closed the ends, preventing construction pollution from entering the system. Smoking was prohibited on the site during construction in order to prevent construction materials from absorbing the second-hand smoke and also to protect the workers’ health.

8. Off-Site Cutting Another innovative method employed was the use of off-site cutting to reduce particle pollution on site. All wall and deck forms were prefabricated, saving considerable cutting. Sheetrock studs were ordered to size at floor-to-ceiling height for the rooms and fire sprinkler pipe was all prefabricated in the shop.

Off-site cutting also offers a cost-saving benefit. For instance, with careful planning, the sheetrock subcontractor can save on both material and labor by ordering pre-cut studs; they are charged per linear foot for the material and, as a result, don’t pay for additional linear feet that would be cut off and become jobsite waste. This also saves on the cost of labor to measure and cut at the site.

9. On-Time Procurement The general contractor, Swinerton Builders made sure to procure materials for just-in-time delivery. This method reduced the time that materials sit on the job site, preventing the absorption of construction dust and chemicals. This level of planning extended to the construction sequence as well, preventing sink materials absorbing chemical vapors from wet materials.

10. Recycled Materials The specifications limited fly ash content in concrete mixtures at 25% by weight however by working closely with the concrete supplier, Swinerton Builders proposed using 30% in the 42inch -thick mat slab for several reasons. Increasing the amount of fly ash has significant eco-benefits such as avoiding landfill disposal of the product and conserving natural resources that would otherwise be used in the concrete mixture. Additionally, fly ash helps reduce the damaging effects of thermal cracking of concrete while it is curing, particularly a problem in thicker pours.

The construction team used a 100% biodegradable product made of recycled sawdust for day-to-day clean-up.


11. Greening the Jobsite Office All jobsite office furniture was either salvaged from another site or bought used from Hertz Equipment (as was the arrow signboard), saving both waste and money. While a true paperless office is always a challenge, the Swinerton Builders team used 100% recycled paper for the job office, and whenever possible, the team used a scanner to send documents digitally rather than faxing. The project was fortunate to work with Golden Gate Disposal, which recycled over 75% of our construction debris and provided us with monthly diversion reports.

12. Public Art Program: The Orchard Garden Hotel proudly supports local Bay Area artists through its public art program which features works of fine bronze, custom sculptures, radiographs on paper, oil paintings as well as pieces from the hotel owner's private collection.

The hotel also educates its guests and visitors about what it means to be a truly ‘green’ hotel by offering information and resources at the front desk at all times. The hotel’s staff is also very knowledgeable on the subject and welcomes questions and feedback.

On a community level, the hotel offers one annual paid day off for team members to volunteer service to their community. It’s called “Community Connection Day” and very well received by all Orchard Garden Hotel employees as a way to make a difference in their neighborhood/local community.


The management and staff of the Orchard Hotel and the Orchard Garden Hotel believe that to achieve our goals of becoming the premiere boutique hotels in the United States, we must lead not only economically, but environmentally and socially as well. We understand that we are in a prominent position to affect the environment in the U.S.

We believe that our corporate responsibility goes beyond our proprietary borders and we endeavor to cooperate with our neighbors and our suppliers to develop our business in a sustainable manner. Every effort will be made to conserve resources throughout our operations. Each department will seek products and services of local origin and that are environmentally benign. Preference will be given to environmentally responsible service suppliers. The company will choose to hire local whenever possible. Our success will be determined on a yearly basis with a commitment to improve. Furthermore, the company will not only meet existing environmental laws and regulations, but go beyond the status quo and seek techniques and approaches that position us ahead of our competition.

Our policy towards the environment will be readily available and promoted to our business partners and guests. Growth of our company depends on our abilities to minimize or eliminate our impacts on our surroundings. Our ultimate success depends on the environment of the United States, without a beautiful country, our customers will cease to come. Our company’s future and the future of our environment are interconnected.

We acknowledge that the standards for providing an eco-friendly environment at the Orchard Hotel and Orchard Garden Hotel include personal responsibility for creating a green environment at the hotel through our daily actions.

The Orchard Hotels will continue in the commitment to the environment through new initiatives and processes. It is each and everyone’s obligation to acquire knowledge of any new standards and participate in continued training.

We are committed to designing, building and managing innovative and sustainable hotels that provide our guests with authentic and comfortable accommodations as well as protect the natural environment and respect the local communities in which we operate.

Here’s to making a difference!

Stefan Mühle General Manager and Regional Director Portfolio Hotels & Resorts

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