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279 Secaucus Road - Secaucus - New Jersey
Property Audit Overview

There are 13 properties currently listed in Secaucus. At this time there are 1 "Green" lodging properties listed of which this is the only lodging property that has completed the iStayGreen Audit. Candlewood Suites Secaucus has been awarded a 1 Green Eco-Leaf Rating.

To qualify for the Green Eco-Leaf Rating Candlewood Suites Secaucus completed an audit of their property's compliance with over 70 unique eco-initiatives. Environmentally friendly measures that are reviewed include energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, enviromentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. In it's efforts to create a more sustainable travel future and reduce their impact on our environment, Candlewood Suites Secaucus employs 21 eco-initiatives.

For detailed information regarding environmental measures currently employed by Candlewood Suites Secaucus please contact the property directly or email

Property Owner's Statement of Environmental Initiatives
Property's Green Team Leader:
- 201-865-3900
279 Secaucus Road
Secaucus, US 07094

1. I started a Environmental Committee with the management team at the hotel. 2. We only use Fluorescent lamps throughout the hotel. Use sensors and/or timers for areas that are infrequently used. 3. Manage hotel’s environmental performance by monitoring the electric, gas, water, and waste usage information on a monthly and annual basis. 4. We have a towel and linen reuse program. Also housekeeping done weekly not daily. 5. Digital thermostats are used in guestrooms and throughout the hotel. 6. Use Energy Star labeled appliances and equipment in all guestrooms. 7. We use 1.6-gallon toilets. 8. We use Psykaty Daughters Inc as our Waste Management and they separate recyclables for us. 9. We have a recycling program for hazardous materials with our Housekeepers and Maintenance staff 10. We educate our staff to turn off lights and turn down heating/air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied. During summer months, they are instructed to close the drapes. 11. Use nontoxic or least toxic cleaners, sanitizers, paints, pesticides, etc. throughout the hotel. Make sure all chemicals are stored safely in a well-ventilated area. 12. Provide guests with walking maps, and information on public transportation 13. Provide reusable items such as cloth napkins, glass cups, ceramic dishes, etc. with all food and beverage services. 14. Provide glass cups and ceramic mugs (instead of plastic) for in-room beverages. Place cups and mugs upside down on paper doilies (instead of covering opening with a plastic wrapping). 15. Use drought resistant native plants in garden areas. Replace mowed landscaping with native ground cover 16. Include filter changes, coil cleaning, thermostat calibration, and damper adjustments in your ongoing maintenance plan. 17. Use proper insulation and reflective roof coverings. 18. We have web base ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM allows us to remotely control each room PTAC unit from anywhere in world. 19. PTAC units are programmed to have high and low temp limits again allows us master control on max and low temp. 20. We use 2.5 gallon showerheads in each guestroom.

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