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22 miles
- Carate - Costa Rica
Property Audit Overview

There are 0 properties currently listed in Carate. At this time there are 1 "Green" lodging properties listed of which this is the only lodging property that has completed the iStayGreen Audit. La Leona Ecolodge has been awarded a 2 Green Eco-Leaf Rating.

To qualify for the Green Eco-Leaf Rating La Leona Ecolodge completed an audit of their property's compliance with over 70 unique eco-initiatives. Environmentally friendly measures that are reviewed include energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, enviromentally safe cleaning, reduction of waste, ongoing maintenance, purchasing habits, plus many other factors. In it's efforts to create a more sustainable travel future and reduce their impact on our environment, La Leona Ecolodge employs 26 eco-initiatives.

For detailed information regarding environmental measures currently employed by La Leona Ecolodge please contact the property directly or email

Property Owner's Statement of Environmental Initiatives
Property's Green Team Leader:
- 27355330
Carate, CR

A Green spot in between the ocean and the forest…… La Leona Ecolodge, Costa Rica.

For many years, people have used natural resources for a living. Our ancestors thousands of years ago did so in balance with the Earth. But as the worlds population has grown, agriculture has expanded to feed it. As a result, many pristine places on earth have been lost, never to be enjoyed by people again. For almost 2 years now, La Leona Ecolodge has been committed to promoting sustainability. We believe that the development of a country cannot be achieved by the unrestrained exploitation of its resources without preserving them for future generations. I believe, Its time for all of us to play this game! Providing a green destination to visitors has become a priority for the Costa Rican tourism economy and for us at La Leona Ecolodge. Visiting projects and farms that can sustain their needs in a healthy way ensures that these places will be around for years to come. You must take a chance in discovering the culture and the art of the people. Costa Ricans love to show visitors the countrys beautiful natural areas and other attractions. By supporting sustainable lodging or organizations, you not only know where your money is being spent, but also show your support for fair, honest and, above all, truly sustainable business practices. At La Leona, we have changed our way of thinking and acting. We have created a way that all of us -- employees, management, and tourists – can help. Here you can choose to go on tours with local guides, admire the life and culture of the oreros (gold miners), kayak in an immense lagoon while enjoying the birds and wildlife, and end the tour with a meal a local Costa Rican farm. At the lodge itself, we hire only local workers and serve meals with locally grown organic vegetables. Our conservation efforts range from supporting Costa Rican environmental groups in scientific research to allowing guests to choose whether they want to use a straw or not for their drinks. Here, at La Leona Ecolodge, we try to do the best for nature, and you are invited to become part of it.

Ifigenia Garita Canet Sustainable Coordinator La Leona Ecolodge

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