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Green Tucson Hotel Tips
1. Search for Environmentally Friendly lodging.
Picking an eco-friendly accommodation is not only easier on our environment, but a majority of the time you'll save money too. You can now find many evaluation and authentication programs assessing the environmental efforts of properties. In the U.S. several states have developed certification guidelines. The same holds true internationally with several countries providing certification ratings. Check out the city you're traveling to and see if there is a state or country program for eco-friendly accommodations. Research where you're going in one of the numerous first-class Environmental directories on the Internet. Patently, when looking for a place to stay in Tucson our fave is
2. Only rent a car when it's genuinely necessary.
When visiting key cities you can anticipate to find substantial transportation alternatives. To make the major metro areas more pedestrian friendly most have developed a good grid of light rail, elevated rail, shuttle, bus, train, trolley, subway and taxi services. Kick the rental car addiction and give public transit a crack; you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. Try walking as you'll most likely find restaurants, drug stores, and entertainment near to your Tucson hotel. Most downtown areas nowadays offer bike rentals as a good way to cross the city. Not only will you lower carbon emissions but you'll get good exercise in the process.
3. Fasten the "Do Not Disturb" sign on your room door.
Let room service know that you want your hotel room addressed once every three days. Cleaning your Tucson suite requires lots of resources. Sheets and towels are cleaned necessitating water, detergent, electricity, and gas. To have the toilet and tub freshened up chemicals are often employed. It consumes electric power to clean up the dirt. Soaps and shampoos replace minimally used bottles and bars, not only being wasteful but also adding to non-biodegradable waste. In most cases daily room service is not truly needed and you'll be helping the environment by not having your suite cleaned daily.
4. Do you actually have to make that trip?
There are several diverse online meeting solutions that enable video conference and sharing of documents with both presenters and delegates. The online solutions are so good that you can conduct business from your office or home instead of flying. When personal meetings to Tucson are necessary, then certainly you'll have to travel. Nevertheless, if every business could replace some flights with an internet meeting things would begin looking up for our shared environment.
Useful Search Guides
If you are looking for a more luxurious lodging experince in Tucson you'll want to check out our information on luxury hotels in Tucson AZ. Surprisingly, while you might think that luxury means waste, many of the luxury brands are actually trendsetters in the area of environmental sustainability. Visit our Luxury Hotels Directory to check the eco-initiatives of Tucson 5 Star and 4 Star Resorts, their rates and availability.
If you are looking to bring your pet along on your next visit to Tucson you'll want to check out our information on Tucson pet friendly hotels. Not surprisingly, many properties that are "Green" also love your pets too. They realize your pet companion is important to you too. In the Pet Friendly Travel Section you'll find all lodging that accepts pets including Green Pet Friendly Arizona hotels.
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