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Green Eloy Hotel Tips
1. Fasten the "Do not Disturb" sign on your door.
Daily room service is not regularly needed so let housekeeping know. A lot of resources are expended when a Eloy hotel room is cleaned. Cleaning the sheets and towels not only uses water, but also electricity and soap. Keep your bath area clean on your own and cut the need for use of toxic chemicals and solvents. Vacuuming not only sucks up dirt, it sucks up energy too. Why have the sample sized bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion replaced when they're only partially used? Cleaning your suite everyday is most likely not a necessity and you will be doing your part to economize natural resources when you don't have room service daily.
2. Search for Environmentally Friendly accommodations.
Frequently you will find that you save money by picking environmentally friendly lodging. Green efforts of hotel properties are rated by numerous organizations. In the U.S. many states have developed certification programs. This is also the case internationally with many countries providing certification programs. Look into where you'll be staying and see if there is a state or country program for eco-friendly lodging. Check out the numerous fine online listings of environmentally friendly hotels. Obviously, when looking for lodging in Eloy our fave is
3. Why travel if you might have your meeting over the internet?
There are a multitude of various online meeting solutions that let video conference and you the ability to share and edit documents with both presenters and delegates. The online solutions are so good that you can do business from your office rather than flying. On occasion you will have to make the trip as a face-to-face meeting to Eloy is needed. However, if every business could replace some flights with an online meeting things would start looking up for our collective environment.
4. Walk - cycle - ride the public system and don't rent.
Expect to discover many forms of public transportation to move you from Point A to Point B. There are frequently various choices for the eco friendly traveler that leaves the car at the rental lot, including alternatives like subway, taxi, shuttle service, light rail and others. Give the public transportation systems a try and don't rent a car unless it's compulsory. When staying at one of the downtown Eloy hotels you most probably will find what you require within walking length. If the distance isn't too great give a bike a crack and get a little exercise. Try one of the alternatives above and be a better eco-citizen.
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If you are looking to bring your pet along on your next visit to Eloy you'll want to check out our information on Eloy pet friendly hotels. Not surprisingly, many properties that are "Green" also love your pets too. They realize your pet companion is important to you too. In the Pet Friendly Travel Section you'll find all lodging that accepts pets including Green Pet Friendly Arizona hotels.
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