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Green Fountain Hills Hotel Tips
1. Attach the "Don't Bother Us" placard on the door handle.
Give room service a call and let them know you won't be requiring their services. When your Fountain Hills suite is tidied up it necessitates substantial resources. It takes water, electricity, soap and gas to clean the sheets and towels. Chemicals are required to clean the bath room counter, shower and toilets. Floors are cleaned consuming power. Half used non-biodegradable bottles filled with shampoo and conditioner is hugely wasteful. Assess whether your room really needs cleaning; you'll probably find its not needed and you can't help preserve the environment.
2. Plan your visit in a "Green" hotel, motel, resort, or bed & breakfast.
Allot of the time you'll find that you save money by picking "green" lodging. There are several organizations that grade the environmental initiatives in-place at lodging properties. In the U.S. numerous states have designed certification programs. You will find it to be the same internationally with allot of countries offering certification evaluations. Research your destination and see if there is a country or state program for environmentally friendly accommodations. Research your destination in one of the many fine Environmental directories online. As expected, when looking for lodging in Fountain Hills our favorite is
3. Do you actually require to make that trip?
There are several diverse online meeting solutions that let video conference and you the ability to share and edit documents with both presenters and delegates. These alternatives are so good that you can work your business from your office rather than traveling. When face to face meetings to Fountain Hills are mandatory, then of course you'll have to travel. Nevertheless, if every business could exchange some flights with an internet meeting things would begin looking up for our collective environment.
4. Don't lone it in a rental car - make friends on public transit.
Expect to become aware of many forms of public transportation to move you from Point A to Point B. There are frequently many choices for the eco friendly traveler that leaves the car at the rental lot, including choices like subway, taxi, shuttle service, light rail and others. Afford the public transit systems a try and don't rent a car unless it's mandatory. If the distance is short try walking from your Fountain Hills hotel. Pedal power is a much better choice than fossil fuel if the length is not overly distant. Take a crack at a new way of getting around and realize a difference for the environment.
Useful Search Guides
If you are looking for a more luxurious lodging experince in Fountain Hills you'll want to check out our information on luxury hotels in Fountain Hills AZ. Surprisingly, while you might think that luxury means waste, many of the luxury brands are actually trendsetters in the area of environmental sustainability. Visit our Luxury Hotels Directory to check the eco-initiatives of Fountain Hills 5 Star and 4 Star Resorts, their rates and availability.
If you are looking to bring your pet along on your next visit to Fountain Hills you'll want to check out our information on Fountain Hills pet friendly hotels. Not surprisingly, many properties that are "Green" also love your pets too. They realize your pet companion is important to you too. In the Pet Friendly Travel Section you'll find all lodging that accepts pets including Green Pet Friendly Arizona hotels.
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