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Green Saint Johns Hotel Tips
1. Try online teleconferencing instead of making the trip.
There are several different internet meeting solutions that allow video conference and sharing of documents with both presenters and delegates. The online solutions are so good that you can do business from your office instead of flying. Of course there will be times when you simply must go to Saint Johns and go to see the individual. Still, if every business could trade some flights with an internet meeting things would begin looking up for our common environment.
2. Fasten the "Do not Disturb" sign on your door.
Have your room cleaned once every third day by contacting the front desk. Having your Saint Johns room cleaned takes more resources than you would consider. It uses water, electricity, soap and gas to clean the linens. The bathroom areas are often cleaned with solvents. Sweeping not only sucks up dirt, it sucks up power too. Take a crack at bringing your own shampoo & soap and don't even consume the hotels products, and you'll help keep allot of plastic out of the non-biodegradable waste. Do your part to protect your environment by questioning yourself "Does my room really necessitate cleaning daily?"
3. Only rent a car when it's genuinely necessary.
In most key cities public transportation is reasonably good, particularly if you're near the major population centers. There are usually several choices for the eco friendly traveler that leaves the car at the rental lot, including choices like subway, taxi, shuttle service, light rail and others. When downtown parking can be $25 a day and more on top of the cost of the rental, plus add valet tips and public transit becomes a pretty nice alternative. If the distance is little try walking from your Saint Johns hotel. If the distance is less than 10 miles lease a bike. Have a go at a novel way of getting around and make a difference for the environment.
4. Search for Environmentally Friendly hotels.
Choosing a low-impact property isn't only greener, it can be often cheaper. There are several organizations that grade the environmental initiatives in-place at lodging properties. In the U.S. numerous states and municipalities have created certification guidelines. The same holds true internationally with numerous countries offering certification programs. Search the city you're traveling to and see if there is a country or state program for eco-friendly accommodations. Research the city you'll be traveling to in one of the numerous fine Eco directories online. Patently, when searching for accommodations in Saint Johns our favourite is
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If you are looking to bring your pet along on your next visit to Saint Johns you'll want to check out our information on Saint Johns pet friendly hotels. Not surprisingly, many properties that are "Green" also love your pets too. They realize your pet companion is important to you too. In the Pet Friendly Travel Section you'll find all lodging that accepts pets including Green Pet Friendly Arizona hotels.
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