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The goal of Holiday Inn Express is to offer a mid-priced hotel brand where guests can get the benefit of limited services at a reasonable price. The brand is designed primarily for the business traveler who prefers a typical amenities package that suits both the short-term or long-term stay guests. Pricing is middle-of-the-road and competitive with other brands in its class. Introduced around 20 years ago, the Holiday Inn Express brand has grown to over 1,500 locations internationally. As a result of rapid expansion most locations were either built with update-to-date design standards or have been recently remodeled to current standards.

HI Express Locations - Perfect for the Business Traveler

The business traveler will find Holiday Inn Express locations to frequently boast a full business center complete with printers, fax machines and computers. Typically high-speed wireless internet connectivity is provided in-room at no additional expense making it very convenient for those travelers who tote along their notebook computer.

Guests will find that most locations share common design themes. Generally the properties are small to medium sized with 60 to 100 units which usually comprise a large percentage of suites. Typically the room size is larger than industry averages. Baths are furnished with a full complement of toiletries. For the guest who likes workout facilities most locations feature an austere workout room with an assortment of treadmill, universal or free weight equipment, stationary bikes, swimming pool, and hot tub.

Enjoy the Franchised Experience of HIExpress Locations

The "Express Start" breakfast has become very popular with guests. With its uniformity throughout the brands locations guests can expect a similar compliment of eggs, biscuits, sausage, bacon, gravy, omelets, muffins, and signature cinnamon roll at any HI Express destination. They also feature a reasonable assortment of breakfast cereals, baked goods, and beverages including their "Smart Roast" coffees.

For the guest who prefers a franchised type experience in the medium price range the Holiday Inn Express (AKA HI Express or HIExpress) fits the bill perfectly.

Holiday Inn Express Chain and Express by Holiday Inn Brand Size

At this time there are 1,706 Holiday Inn Express locations operating in 49 states throughout the United States. In addition to its U.S. operations the Holiday Inn also operates under the brand name of Express by Holiday Inn internationally. There are presently 26 countries outside the United States whre Express by Holiday Inn has operations, some of which include Spain, Great Britain, South Africa, France, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

How "Green" is Holiday Inn Express and Express by Holiday Inn Brand

The Holiday Inn Express and Express By Holiday Inn brands currently operate 2,031 locations worldwide. A total of 76 locations are reported as being environmentally friendly. It is unknown as to the eco-friendliness of the remainder of the locations. From the 76 location there are 31 locations that have completed the Comprehensive Environmental Self-Audit with one Holiday Inn Express Location earning an "Excellent" Rating of 4 Green Eco-Leafs, 6 locations earning the "Very Good" Rating of 3 Green Eco-Leafs, 10 Holiday Inn Express locations rated as "Good" at 2 Green Eco-Leafs, and the remaining 14 properties rated "Acceptable" at 1 Green Eco-Leaf. hopes to see greater participation from the Holiday Inn Express brand in the near future and see a higher percentage of the properties complete the Environmental Self-Audit and earn the Green Eco-Leaf Rating.

Locations that have earned a Green Eco-Leaf Rating include:

Eco-Friendly Holiday Inn Express Locations in the United States

Eco-Friendly Holiday Inn Express Locations in Canada


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