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Neuenheimer Landstrasse 12 - Heidelberg - Germany
Property Audit Overview

Heidelberg Suites has not completed the comprehensive Online Environmental Self-Audit and for that reason is not presently Green Eco-Leaf Rated. If you stay at Heidelberg Suites please add a guest review to and share with us your experience and also rate the eco-friendliness of the property. Another helpful suggestion would be to ask Heidelberg Suites's management to complete the iStayGreen Environmental Self-Audit and earn the Green Eco-leaf Rating.

Heidelberg Suites is located in the city of Heidelberg. It is the only property currently represented by iStayGreen in Heidelberg. Unfortunately at this time there are no Heidelberg lodging properties that have notified iStayGreen that they operate as an eco-friendly facility. If there are cities nearby Heidelberg that offer "Green" lodging they will be listed below.

For detailed information regarding environmental measures currently employed by Heidelberg Suites please contact the property directly or email

Heidelberg Environmental Overview

To earn a Green Eco-Leaf Rating Heidelberg lodging establishments must complete a comprehensive 70 point survey which evaluates the eco-friendliness of the properties such as Heidelberg Suites in areas of conservation of energy and water, sustainability of operations, pollution, carbon emission, recycling, and environmental education and promotion.

Eco-Friendly Heidelberg Hotels - Motels - Resorts - Bed & Breakfast:
Green Eco-Leaf Rated Heidelberg Hotels

There presently are no Green Eco-Leaf Rated hotels or lodging properties located in Heidelberg where Heidelberg Suites is located. Should you visit a Heidelberg hotel or other Heidelberg lodging property, or stay at Heidelberg Suites, we would encourage you to recommend to the property that they inform the public of their environmental initiatives by completing the iStayGreen Environmental Self-Audit.

Heidelberg Hotels Purported to be Environmentally Friendly

At this time iStayGreen has no Heidelberg hotels or lodging properties listed as being environmentally friendly where Heidelberg Suites is located. It is possible that Heidelberg Suites is an eco friendly property and that there may also exist hotels in Heidelberg along with other types of lodging that are environmentally friendly. However, neither Heidelberg Suites nor any other Heidelberg lodging property has provided iStayGreen with a summary of their current eco intiatives. If you become aware that Heidelberg Suites is eco friendly or that another Heidelberg lodging property in our directory should be listed as "Green" please contact iStayGreen so that we can accurately represent the property and share the information with the public.

Cities with Eco-Friendly Hotels nearby Heidelberg Hotels

At this time iStayGreen has no city close to Heidelberg or Heidelberg Suites where lodging properties are listed as being environmentally friendly. Cities nearby Heidelberg may have hotels along with other types of lodging that are environmentally friendly. However, since iStayGreen is unaware of the existence of any environmentally friendly properties in cities close to Heidelberg we are reporting no "Green" cities in close proximity to Heidelberg Suites.

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