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Tips For Making Your Stay Green
If public transportation is available - use it.
Use the public transportation system or walk or ride a bike, but don't rent a car. You can often find alternate forms of public transit to get you from Point A to Point B. There are generally many choices for the eco friendly traveler that leaves the car at the rental lot, including alternatives like subway, taxi, shuttle service, light rail and others. Instead of renting a car, try out one of the public transportation systems. Try walking as typically you will find restaurants, drug stores, and entertainment close to hotels. Most downtown areas are now providing bike rentals for the eco conscious consumer. Lower carbon emissions, expend less fossil fuel, and additionally you will be saving money too by using alternative transportation.
Choose Properties that are Green Eco-Leaf Rated
Presently over 4,000 lodging properties worldwide are indicated to be "Green" in the directory. More than 2,000 of those same properties have accomplished the online Environmental Audit and achieved the Green Eco-Leaf Rating which indicates that the lodging facility is environmentally friendly and has established eco-initiatives beneficial to our environment and sustainability. If you're planning travel, or a vacation, consider doing the environment a favor and check first for the availability of eco-friendly rated lodging. In most situations we have determined that eco-friendly alternatives are price competitive to environmentally unrated hotel property's room rates. Often you can find that the eco-friendly properties are actually run more efficiently and the saving are passed along to the guest. You might even save cash and at the same instance be doing a good thing for our environment! When you visit a property demand that they be transparent about what they are doing to be sensitive to our environment and create a more sustainable future for both our planet and the travel industry.
How necessary is your trip?
There are a multitude of diverse online internet meeting solutions that provide for video conferencing and sharing of documents between both presenters and delegates. The online solutions work so well that it is possible to conduct business from your office or home rather than traveling. Certainly there will be times when you simply must travel because a personal meeting is required. However, if every business or individuals could replace some flights with an online meeting the value for our environment would be substantial. So the next time you're thinking about traveling, ask yourself "Is this trip really mandatory or could I accomplish my meeting objectives utilizing video conferencing?"
Keep room staff out using the "Do Not Disturb" sign.
If your room does not need to be cleaned give room service a call and inform them you won't be requiring their services. A lot of resources are required when a hotel room is cleaned. For the hotel to provide fresh linens uses lots of water, cleaning chemicals, electricity, and gas. Cleaning chemicals and detergents are regularly used to freshen up the bathtub and toilet as well. Vacuuming not only sucks up dirt, it sucks up electricity too. Do your part to preserve the environment by questioning yourself "Does my hotel room genuinely require cleaning every day?"
Search for Environmentally Friendly properties.
Allot of the time you'll find that you save dollars by selecting "green" accommodations. Eco efforts of hotel properties are measured by a large number of organizations. In the U.S. numerous states and municipalities have developed certification guidelines. You will find it to be the same internationally with many countries enabling certification ratings. Search the place you're visiting and determine if there is a state or country program for eco-friendly accommodations. Plan your travel before you go and search out environmentally friendly lodging through use of one of the many "Green" directories found online. Naturally, we are biased and believe provides you the best resource for locating low environmental impact lodging.

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